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Chiropractor Rockwall for Better Living

Get More Out of Life at Rockwall Chiropractic

At Rockwall Chiropractic, our team, led by Rockwall Chiropractor Dr. Timothy Payne, delivers outstanding health care that gets you results. With a gentle touch, we seek to help you regain your health so that you can spend time doing the things you love. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or trauma, want to get rid of the pain you’ve been in or seek to reach the highest levels of wellness, we welcome the opportunity to assist you!

Reaching Your Full Potential

Our patient care philosophy is based on the idea of helping you get more out of life. Whether you want to stay active with your family, participate in sports, work out at the gym or just feel better, we want to restore your health and optimize your maximum potential. We involve you in your chiropractic care. Teaching you therapeutic exercises, offering rehabilitation & physiotherapy modalities,and informing you about staying well in the long term.

If we don’t feel that we’re the right place for you or don’t see the progress we’d expected, we’ll be
happy to refer you to one of the many practitioners in our professional network. In certain
circumstances we will also order specific tests to help identify the full extent of the problem in
order to facilitate the appropriate treatment.

The Thorough Care You Need

With much experience in treating traumatic injury, Dr. Payne has helped to change the lives of many
individuals in our community. We welcome challenging cases and use specific techniques to help you
recover. You can find head-to-toe solutions at Rockwall Chiropractic, with Dr.Payne focusing on more than
your spine. We can treat almost any bone or joint in the body and work with your muscles, ligaments
and fascia to ensure that you regain your health.

Get started by contacting our office today! Same-day appointments are available, and walk-ins are
welcome. Chiropractors in Rockwall Dr. Payne and Dr. Cummings are in-network providers for most insurance companies
and accept Medicare.