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New Patients

Rockwall Chiropractic offers a casual atmosphere where all ages will feel at home. We pride ourselves on prompt care that will allow you to get back to your day, fitting your appointments conveniently into your schedule.

Getting Started

When you arrive, we’ll get a copy of your identification and insurance cards. We’ll have you fill out some paperwork, then take your vitals. You’ll meet Dr. Payne to discuss what’s brought you in and have an evaluation. If X-rays are needed, we’ll take them on-site. A chiropractic adjustment can be given on your first visit, which in total will take about an hour.

Returning for Care

At your follow-up visits, you will be seen promptly for treatment. We’ll begin with some muscle work, stretching, trigger point therapy or massage techniques tailored to your specific needs. An adjustment that best suits your body type and specific problem will follow and these appointments may last for approximately 15 minutes. If you’re seeing us for a more serious injury, it could take up to an hour including your rehabilitation program.

New Patients at Rockwall Chiropractic


You may also want to plan for more time if you have a form of therapy such as ice packs, mechanical traction or ultrasound. Dr. Payne will show you exercises or stretches as appropriate to help your problem and make your daily activities easier.

How Long Do I Continue Seeing You?

Just like eating healthy, chiropractic care plays a critical role in maintaining your well-being. It keeps your spine and nervous system healthy and can prevent your problem from recurring. It’s up to you how long you’d like to see us for, and you aren’t required to adhere to a long-term care program.

Extended hours are available for your convenience, and walk-ins are welcome. Contact us today to begin restoring your health!

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