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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Timothy Payne

Meet Dr. Timothy Payne

With a mom who worked as a nurse, Dr. Payne knew early on that he wanted to join the medical profession. He heard stories about the emergency room and how people would recover there and even shadowed his mom. “I almost passed out while watching someone get stitches and knew that being a medical doctor wasn’t for me!”

A family friend who was a chiropractor told Dr. Payne about the natural healing profession. He did some research and spoke with chiropractors in the Rockwall area. “I saw that they truly loved their job and felt that it would be rewarding to help people. I knew that chiropractic was right for me!”

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Dr. Chris Cummings

Meet Dr. Chris Cummings

Dr. Cummings was introduced to chiropractic at an early age after his father was injured in an automobile accident. Since that time, it has been an essential part of keeping him and his family feeling great during years of hard work in the construction industry in Arizona. Seeing the benefits of chiropractic first hand and his passion to help others, he moved to Texas to begin his journey and is now serving Rockwall alongside Dr. Payne.

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